Ecwid lógó

Online shopping system for a new age

Want to add an online business to your company's website? How about selling on social media? Want to run the same inventory for a traditional store and online store?
Ecwid does it all for you and so much more
Seamless addition to your website
The online store can be placed on any website, regardless of site builder, cms or hosting provider.
Saves you time
Despite being a complete sales system, Ecwid is simple and convenient to use. Simplicity saves time and money.
Online webstore
The system comes with a beautiful website that can be customized to suit your needs.
Flexibility and customization
You can keep manipulating both look and functionality even when your webstore is live.
Payment methods
Ecwid supports most currencies and payment gateways, even Icelandic.
Social media
Ecwid connects directly to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and other social media.
Complete solution
Ecwid can be used as a web-based sales system, POS sales system, and to manage on-hand balance.
Statistics and reporting
Ecwid keeps track of sales statistics and greatly simplifies the preparation of sales reports.
Speaks in tongues
Language support in Ecwid is one of the best available. The system has already been translated to Icelandic and you can set up custom translations through a simple web form.

Ecwid POS solution

Accept payments anytime, anywhere. 

The Ecwid POS solution allows you to receive payments online, in a store, at the market, on campus or wherever your customers are. In this way, the stock balance is always right whether shopping over the counter in the store or on your website.
Ecwid POS lausnin
This short introduction shows you how simple Ecwid is to use for your store.